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List of Scrapbooks

Photographs of Gaetana’s involvement in community, her 2013 campaign and her current campaign are presented as pages in a scrapbook.
Click the camera to view the scrapbook - and then drag or double-click righthand page corners to advance to the next succeeding page (and there will be no righthand corners on the last page of each scrapbook).

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Scrapbook 1Scrapbook 1 contains photographs depicting Gaetana’s community involvement such as her work with SOS

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Scrapbook 2 —Scrapbook 2 contains photographic memories from Gaetana’s first run for supervisor in 2013

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Scrapbook 3 —Scrapbook 3 contains photographs from the current campaign

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Scrapbook 4 —Scrapbook 4 contains photographs that accompanied by Kingston Freeman article about the SOS dinner held in November 2017.

More to come

Portions of the website remain under construction. More pagess will be addted to Scrapbook 3 as and when they occur. Come back again.